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You Are Not Alone

Today, as hopefully with every day, we are to be mindful of our own mental health.  It is also a good time to check in on the mental health of those we care for.  As a therapist working for and, I am extremely aware of the fragility of the human condition and the fact that we all share in our anxieties, frustrations, discouragements, and frets over perceived shortcomings.  We all feel sad from time to time.  We all have the occasional sleepless nights.  We all ask ourselves the “what if’s” of life.  One thing that remains truly evident is that we are all in this together. While we all share these common woes that manifest as mental health challenges, we all feel just as equally alienated and alone by our struggles.  The things that connect us, our doubts and our fears, make us feel like we are the only one on the planet experiencing these cognitive deficits.  We all feel alone in our suffering.  Today is the day, friends.  Today we can make the effort to

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