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 Fire a teacher for teaching mandated curriculum if it is politically toxic? Ok. I ask only for one exclusion... 

Fire them.... unless

it's one keeping with a due diligence that equips young minds to understand and use critical thinking in intupretting with objective consideration where merit lies in logic and reason.  Teachers have it tough Cecil. I spent a great deal of energy at it being thankful I was juat a sub.  Good or bad.  curriculum mandating authority has way more soily hands and is at a higher tax bracket.  I was a curriculum designer a few times. I dabbled with the elementary Chinese VIPKid English educators for 2 years. 

Even there I was not alone in knowing we had to try, no matter what, to take this bullshit and remember, "These are the ones who will have the authority to say where we will live leading up to our expiration."  I think we could all do better in this country to equip young people with better thinking skills to see through the bullshit and make up their minds on pressing matters because it is a constant barage of bullshit in schools, in life. I don't even have a side on that one. All I know is that the road is hard and I had some good teachers who did their best. 

I got a dud in 6th grade math. I told her she had too many rules up on the walls and windows. "How is a person supposed to follow all these rules?"  She said, just learn them. So I spent 9 weeks breaking at least one rule a day to have her send me to put my face in a closet. I was protesting. My mom and the assistant principal had a little intervention asking me to not do that every day because it was upsetting her. 

My brain won that match.  Freedom RANG, brother. I had made my point. Best math class ever.  My dad worked with her husband. He asked him if she has all those rules on the walls at home like at school.  My dad quickly deduced that she had rules at home too. We both felt bad for her husband. Easy going something to smile about all the time kinda guy. Guess he had to be. Much love to ya brother and honest respect. 

This guy got a kick out of it

This guy got a kick out of it