My Wellness Plan, Laid Out For the Reader

When I was diagnosed bipolar back in the day I refused to take it lying down.  I found a depression workbook at the bookstore when I got out of the hospital.  Mary Ellen Copeland’s presentation of her master’s thesis on basic wellness tools.  That’s the first thing I read in psychology after my hospitalization.  I decided back in 2006 to construct my own wellness plan.  Copeland has since gone on to get her PhD and present WRAP to the world.  I was cool with my little list.  8 elements that when all cylinders are firing proves a valuable maintenance tool for basic physical and emotional health.  Working on any one or combination of these 8 will help the soul to rise higher with practical applications of healthy principles.  Resilience.  Then, the matter of the manner of thoughts that have consumed me can be met less exhaustibly.  My madness.  Having a good wellness plan frees up unused brain energy and potential.  It helps me stay on track.

Medications - medical and supplemental

Sleep - quality and duration

Nutrition - healthy intake

Exercise - healthy exertion 

Meditation - healthy mindset

Support System - Family, Friends, Peers, Professionals

Purpose - healthy goals

Celebration - just do it.

Today I want to talk about purpose.  A crucial element.  A reason to be.  Without purpose there is no hope for usefulness to the world, justification of basic existence, or celebration for achieving the purposes.  For me that means a caseload of 6 to 10 clients online to help me maintain my sanity and give me something helpful to do with my time.  I have to write, and I have to play and sing.  Those are just necessary for me to feel I’m serving the brand. Kev’s Counsel and Happy Tuesdays Press justly and respectably.  Serving my purposes on this earth with soft words and light notes. Be well, my friends.

This guy got a kick out of it

This guy got a kick out of it