Coping With PTSD/Anxiety Triggers

 Coping With Triggers Resulting in Anxiety and PTSD

Deep breathing.

Expressive writing.





Social support.

Deep Breathing


Close your lips and inhale through your nose for a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Exhale completely through your mouth making a whoosh sound for a count of eight. This completes one cycle.

Expressive Writing

Expressive writing comes from our core. It is personal and emotional writing without regard to form or other writing conventions, like spelling, punctuation, and verb agreement. ... Expressive writing pays more attention to feelings than the events, memories, objects, or people in the contents of a narrative.


Once you find your breath, go through the following steps to help ground yourself:

5: Acknowledge FIVE things you see around you. ...

4: Acknowledge FOUR things you can touch around you. ...

3: Acknowledge THREE things you hear. ...

2: Acknowledge TWO things you can smell. ...

1: Acknowledge ONE thing you can taste.


Next time you find your mind racing with stress, try the acronym S.T.O.P.:

S – Stop what you are doing, put things down for a minute.

T – Take a breath. ...

O – Observe your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. ...

P – Proceed with something that will support you in the moment.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Relax your muscles

Sit in a quiet and comfortable place. ...

Use your hand to make a tight fist. ...

Hold your squeezed fist for a few seconds. ...

Slowly open your fingers and be aware of how you feel. ...

Continue tensing and then releasing various muscle groups in your body, from your hands, legs, shoulders, or feet.

Self Soothing

8 Soothing Techniques to Help Relieve Anxiety

Picture the Voice or Face of Someone You Love. If you feel upset or distressed, visualize someone positive in your life

Practice Self-Kindness

Sit with Your Pet

List Favorites

Visualize Your Favorite Place

Plan an Activity

Touch Something Comforting

List Positive Things

Social Support

Types of Social Support

Emotional Expressions of empathy, love, trust and caring

Instrumental         Tangible aid and service

Informational         Advice, suggestions, and information

Appraisal Information that is useful for self-evaluation

This guy got a kick out of it

This guy got a kick out of it